Piano Lesson Curriculum


Prime Level  (Start with students above 4 yrs)                         

Level  1


Level 2 (Suggested lesson time 45 min+)

Level 3 (Suggested lesson time 1h+)

Level 4

General Standard

With substantial guidance, explore different types of music, learn     the fingerings and the basic types of music notes. Learn time signature 3/4, 4/4, can play pieces up to 12 measures

With subtantial guidance, make a good use of fingerings and different types and music notes and rests. Learn the solfeges along with the music alphabets. Learn all the black keys. Know more about the music dynamics and expressions. Be able to play pieces up to 20 measures.

With subtantial guidance,  establish the students' own fingering system. Distinguish the different time signatures 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 very well. Match the music alphabets along with the solfeges. Make a good use of all the differents types of music notes and rests. Be able to do self-study and play pieces up to 40 measures.

Beside well-standard playing technique, have a good understanding of music theory and music forms as well. Know all the intervals, chords. Distinguish major from minor. Be able to do sight-reading independently very vell and play pieces about 50 measures.

Strong techniques of performance and clear understanding of music theory. Explore different genres of music and have deep thoughts of all the music styles. Be able to do independent self-study.