Solo and Duo

For We Two (for violin duets, 2019)

Rain Has Fallen (for soprano and cello, 2018)

When You Are Old (for soprano and piano, 2016)

Between Love and Pain (viola solo, 2015)

Improvisational Dancing (cello solo, 2014)

The Whisper of Dream (for two pianos, 2012)

6 piano solo pieces (2010)

Rosefinch & Midnight Sun(piano solo, 2010)

The Moon Over the Mountain (vocal suite for soprano and piano, 2010)

Small Ensemble

Flower drum (for ensemble, 2019)

From the Ancient (for string quartet, 2016)

The Variation of Dream (for string quartet, 2014)

The Time Passed By (for violin, cello and piano, 2012)

Large Ensemble

Winter Solstice (for orchestra,2018)

Long Road (for ensemble, 2016)

Apricot Blossom Under the Sky (for Chinese traditional orchestra, 2013)


Time Flies (SATB Choir, 2016)

Leave Me Here Crying (SATB Choir, 2015)

The Yearning for Her Beloved (A Capella, 2014)